Family First Surabaya

by May 14, 2020

Gregory Slayton in Surabaya

I just got home Sat from Tokyo – where Family First Japan continues to  build strength slowly but surely (if you know Japan – with less than 0.5% Christians – you know what a miracle that is). Please continue to pray for Family First Japan and specifically our Leadership Teams with Family First Kyushu, Family First Kobe and FF Tokyo. Thank you.

Before that I was in Surabaya (Indonesia’s 2nd largest city) to preach at one of the largest churches there. I spoke to approx. 12,000 souls over 3 services (see attached). It was (by far) the largest group of folks I’ve ever spoken to in one day. It was a bit nerve wracking – but in the end a true blessing to me. Please pray that our LORD made it a  blessing to those who heard my humble words. Thank you.

I was also in Singapore – and happy to report that Family First Singapore is moving ahead. Last year we hosted our first ever Leadership Summit 360 (LS360) with over 200 Singapore Leaders from Business, Govt, Church and Non-Profit. With the strong encouragement of the Govt of Singapore and all of last year’s co-sponsors, we are planning to do an LS360 2020 this fall (targeting 500+ of Singapore’s most senior leaders). Pat Gelsinger (CEO of VMWare and a great Brother, also a wonderful speaker) will again be our Keynote. Some of Singapore’s most respected CEO’s will also be speaking. Please pray that this event will again be a success, especially on the spiritual front. If so, we plan to do a big LS360 event in 2021 in Jakarta – and maybe Hong Kong or Kuala Lumpur in 2022. Please join us in prayer on that – for ‘the prayer of the righteous (in CHRIST) is indeed very powerful.”